Jamaicans are famous for a lot of things. Running and singing are two of those things. Partying is another. We have stadiums, professional track venues, recording labels, huge annual music festivals and to top it off, we have the Dream Team. Kingston’s Dream Team has pulled up the enormous feat of nailing the ultimate party formula which is the Smirnoff Dream Weekend. From an observer’s standpoint this formula is fairly simple, easy to figure out and fun to follow; 10 hugely successful events grouped into one series, all of which take place on and around the beaches of sunny, awesome Negril over a 6 day period. The parties are sandwiched between two public holidays which focus on celebrating the “Jamaicaness” of this incredibly popular tourist destination and it’s all backed with the clear message to party responsibly. It’s hard to go wrong with this.

It was only in the mid-20th century that guest houses started being built in the little town of Negril and could only be reached by boat. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the road between Negril and Montego Bay was improved for vehicular traffic and the first resorts were erected. 40 years, hundreds of guest houses, hotels, all-inclusive resorts and thousands of rooms later with the inclusion of the hottest party series in the region, Negril has become Jamaica and the Caribbean’s premier event destination.

Smirnoff Dream Weekend starts on Friday, August 1st, Emancipation day and ends on Friday, August 6th, Independence Day. Here’s the line-up:

August 1st: Beach Rave (day), Twisted Spiritz (night)
August 2nd: Daydreams (day), YUSH (night)
August 3rd: Xtreme Wet ‘n’ Wild (day), Beer Vibes (night)
August 4th: Smirnoff Xclusive (day), Dream Miami J’ouvert (night)
August 5th: Dream Live Concert (night)
August 6th: Igloo (day)

The countdown to the Smirnoff Dream Weekend is on!


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