Get answers to all your questions fast here from our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Are all events the same on Dream Weekend?

No – Each event is different in their own way, from a concert, water party, cooler party, 90s event, mixology, dancehall, all white and more. Kindly read event information for details on each event. It is recommended that you be attired for the relevant theme at each event. All information relating to themes will be published prior.

Are drugs and weapons allowed inside events?

No – Drugs are illegal in Jamaica. Patrons will be searched by Police personnel on entry to all events. Weapons/drugs found, will be confiscated and may lead to an arrest.

Are there other activities that patrons can partake in while in Negril?

Yes – Please check with your local hotel/resort for a list of activities including water sports, trips, adventures and general site seeing that persons can undertake while vacationing in Negril for Dream Weekend. Our tour and travel partner will also have a list of tours which may be booked through our website.

Do all events include food and drinks?

No – The majority of our events are drinks inclusive with some events offering food at no additional cost. For General IGLOO, the cooler party is not drink inclusive, however, the Mawnin After & Twisted Spirits, sunrise events are food inclusive. For VIP all the events are food and drink inclusive.

If you are not staying at an all-inclusive resort/hotel in Negril, can food and other amenities be purchased otherwise?

Yes – Food, drinks and other supplies can be purchased from various suppliers in and around Negril during our festival. We will publish our list of recommended suppliers for your patronage.

If you purchased a general season band, can you upgrade that band or upgrade individually to each event?

Yes – Upgrades can be done at our Redemption Centre or at the door to each event as required. This is subject to availability and the size of the VIP area at each event.

Is bottle service available at events?

Yes – Bottle Service is available at all events in both General and VIP areas

Is it possible to purchase tickets to individual events upon arrival in Negril?

Yes – Tickets to all events can be purchased at our Redemption Centre in Negril.

Is it safe to move around in Negril freely during the Dream Weekend Festival?

Yes – As with any city or town across the globe, we do advise you to take the necessary precautions in doing so (not travelling with valuables, ensuring valuables are stored in a safe or with your hotel front desk, as our patrons’ safety is of paramount importance to us. We advise you to utilize only authorised taxis and buses or our Dream Weekend Shuttles. Motorcycle taxis (AKA “Bike taxis”) are not recommended for use by our patrons. Additionally, we are asking persons not to leave personal belongings in their vehicles so as to avoid unnecessary attention by criminals. Security personnel as well as Police Officers are present 24/7 to ensure patron safety. However, we ask persons to move in groups/couples where possible, paying close attention to their surroundings.

Is there an age limit to attend Dream Weekend events?

Yes – All patrons must be 18 Years & Older to attend all events. IDs will be required for proof of age.

Is transportation between events and your hotel included?

Yes – Shuttle service is provided free of cost to all patrons attending the Dream Weekend festival in Negril. Shuttles can be identified via appropriate branding with Dream Weekend logos. Please note that transportation is provided for patrons residing on Norman Manley Boulevard (The Hip Strip). Limited Shuttle service available on the West End

What time do the events start and finish?

Sunrise events are 8am- 2pm, while Sunset events are 3pm- 10pm except Wet N Wild which is 11am- 5pm.

When you purchase season bands online, are they mailed to your address?

No – Print the e-ticket sent to your email address after purchase and take to our Redemption Centre in Negril. Upon presentation to ticket representatives you will be banded for our festival for the respective days. You must however bring a valid ID (You must be 18 or older) and the credit card used for the purchase.

Can changes be made to my ticket?

Yes. The cost to make changes to a ticket including names, correcting mistakes, name transfers etc is USD $50 per ticket.

Do I have to quarantine? Or What are the quarantine protocols?

“Visitors staying at approved accommodation within the resilient corridor can freely enjoy the many comforts of their stay, and to visit approved Covid-19 protocol compliant attractions within the “corridor”. Dream Weekend has been approved the Ministry of Health”