Selecta Shane Delivers at Smirnoff Dream Week

Selecta Shane Delivers at Smirnoff Dream Week


Selecta Shane at Smirnoff Dream Weekend’s Beach Rave

It has been 2 weeks since the end of the 2014 Smirnoff Dream Week, but Kingston-based deejay Selecta Shane is still bubbling with excitement over the opportunity that was afforded to him, specifically being selected as the official starter DJ for the annual music festival.

“Being one of the official deejays for Smirnoff Dream Week was a “dream” come true for me,” he explained “It was an amazing experience working alongside some of the best local and international deejays, playing for thousands of people and seeing the crowd’s reaction.”

Shane received much commendation from both the promoters and patrons of the 7-day event.

“Music is my passion, so it’s really heartwarming to hear all the positive remarks from everyone.. I know I still have a lot to learn but I’m so grateful to the Dream Team for providing me with this opportunity!”

Apart from the opening sets for every event in the Dream Weekend lineup, Selecta Shane played a second round at Igloo and well as the closing set for one of the weekend’s staple events, Wet n Wild.

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