Walking The Runway At Smirnoff XClusive

Walking The Runway At Smirnoff XClusive

The highly anticipated Smirnoff XClusive is one of the premium events on the Smirnoff Dream Weekend roster of parties. The red and white beach sexy party will take place at the weekend’s new venue, the Boardwalk Village, on Independence Day. In celebration of the country’s major milestone of 50 years, the promoters are adding a special highlight for all patrons.

“Our surprise highlight is worth the wait,” says promoter Garth Walker. “We are making the event even more special and memorable than in years gone by. We are pulling out all the stops to ensure all patrons have a good time. This surprise is going to give everyone something to talk about when leaving the event,” he added. Another element that will set the event apart is the debut of the brand new whipped cream and fluffed marshmallow vodka flavours in signature drink mixes. This was disclosed by Marsha Lumley, brand manager for Smirnoff, title sponsor of the event.

Highly anticipated

“Smirnoff XClusive is one of the most highly anticipated events of the weekend. Smirnoff always aligns with original events, and this event is just that,” Lumley said. “We recently launched three new flavours: coconut, cherry and blue-berry. These have been creating quite a stir with consumers who have been getting their hands on bottles for their favourite cocktails,” she added. Smirnoff XClusive will also feature a runway, and Walker is encouraging all to come out early and ‘walk the runway’.

“We have to do things differently for Smirnoff XClusive. Everyone at this party is a VIP, so we are going to treat each one like royalty. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to walk the runway or red carpet with us at the event,” Walker pointed out. Model and socialite Amber Rose endorses the new Smirnoff flavours and is the face of the bold and audacious campaign.

Tickets for the event are still available at $4,500 at the gate. For $6,000 at the gate, patrons get an evening inclusive of top-shelf liquor and a wide assortment of food.


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