Foreigner pitches tent to enjoy Dream Weekend

Foreigner pitches tent to enjoy Dream Weekend

International festivals are known to attract campers who tend to travel with their own housing and utilize the facilities provided by the event’s organisers.

Aside from T.O.K’s Blue Mountain Reggae Music Festival and Rebel Salute which encourage patrons to try camping, the practice is seldom practised at Jamaican events.

However, seasoned Dream Week patron Lamar Sanker, who hails from Washington DC, has developed a reputation for camping on the Dream Weekend compound for the past six years.

The tent is outfitted with a fan, water supplies, a bed and a juice blender.

“You are on vacation but you want to have a little fun but you want to be comfortable. To me it doesn’t make any kind of sense to stand up, party after party, for five days and nights. So why not be comfortable and enjoy the fullness of Dream Weekend,” he said.

Sanker ‘s tent was pitched under a huge tree at Day Dreams.

“It has grown in size for some reason and I modified it with a screen that blocks the sun. It does the job and it rains everyday in Negril and as you can see I have not gotten wet,” he said.

Sanker, an engineer, also said due to his consistency the organisers have now accepted him as a staple at Dream Week.

“I come to Jamaica four time per year and I always bring my tent whether it be carnival or Igloo. The first time I came here the organisers of Dream Week came over to me when they saw me setting up the tent because they thought I was going to be a vendor,” Sanker said.

Describing himself as a staple at the event, Sanker said there “there is nothing like Dream Weekend in the whole world”.

“The Dream Team has put out a blue print for how to host a real party. You get 9-10 parties for affordable price. Trust me you can’t beat this deal anywhere else in the world,” he said.

Dream Weekend took place from July 28 to August 1 in Negril.

Source (The Star) – Foreigner pitches tent to enjoy Dream Weekend


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