Dream Weekenders Won’t Miss Out On Olympics

Dream Weekenders Won’t Miss Out On Olympics

The celebratory period of Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee August 1-6 is shaping up to be a display of Jamaica’s vibrant, colourful and spectacular linkages to its rich heritage. The Jamaica 50 organising team is confirming that the Smirnoff Dream Weekend series of parties, scheduled to be held in Negril August 1-6, has been added to the list of satellite villages to be provided with live and delayed feed from the Official Broadcast Centre at the Jamaica 50 Golden Jubilee Village.

Project director Robert Bryan, in making the announcement, stated:

“We wanted to ensure that the next generation, while they are having fun in Negril, are not left out of what is taking place in the rest of Jamaica and the diaspora. During the broadcast period, the world will be able to witness the electrifying parties happening in Negril from the Dream Team, and the patrons of Dream Weekend will be able to see how Jamaicans worldwide are celebrating this significant milestone.”

“We are indeed pleased that the Dream Team agreed to join in the celebrations and the growing list of events requesting the feed,” Bryan continued.

Logical alignment

Kamal Bankay of the Dream Team explained, “It was definitely a logical alignment, when we were approached by the JA50 Secretariat, it was an immediate green light.

“We are indeed honoured to be participating in this global phenomenon and the stars are aligned perfectly. We have the technology here in Jamaica to beam multimedia live to anywhere in the world and, conversely, we can showcase the world’s happenings and our global celebration in London right here at home during the local celebrations in Negril.

“We are promising, and we intend to show the world that we are a united people who know how to party, and have fun but simultaneously that we are a serious organisation (Dream Team) who are committed to chartering the next 50 years for the betterment of the entertainment tourism industry.

“The 100m finals will be shown live during Xtreme Wet and Wild at the Kool Runnings Waterpark on Sunday the 5th of August. This will ensure that people can come and party and not miss out on what just might be the best 100m race in the history of athletics.”


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