Dance fest at Twisted Spiritz Glow

Dance fest at Twisted Spiritz Glow

Around 1:30 am on Saturday, there was barely room for movement inside Cayenne Beach in Negril. However, this didn’t prevent the all-black-clad sea of patrons from ‘dropping legs’ at the drink-inclusive Skyy Vodka’s Twisted Spiritz Glow.

The third party experience on the Appleton Special Dream Weekend calendar, the event featured ‘wicked’ selections from the likes of Coppershot Disco, Illusion, and Canada-based selector DJ Tyrone.

The mixture of music genres and eras to get the crowd going, whether it was EDM or old-school dancehall, every selection was greatly appreciated. Among some of favourites were Red Rat’s Shelly Ann, Mr Vegas’s Heads High, Beenie Man’s Blackboard, as well as a string of Vybz Kartel and Lady Saw’s hits.

Over at the Skyy Vodka bars, scores of patrons remained stationary indulging in most or all of the drink mixes provided, while several attendants walked through the crowd refilling cups with intoxicating liquors.

Located in the centre of the venue, the Skyy Vodka’s stage was extremely entertaining as the female dancers showed off their dancing moves much to the delight of the men present.

“We’re very happy with the party’s staging…it was great turnout and everybody enjoyed themselves. We had a lazer robots which was also cool. This mixology party sets itself apart from others for people looking for something more special,” organiser Scott Dunn told the Jamaica Observer.

Being a drink-inclusive party, the jerk and soup vendors outside the venue benefited greatly as they satisfied the hunger of hundreds of patrons. Not to be left out were the herbal drink and marijuana vendors whose goods sparked an interest, especially among the tourists present. The bike and taxi operators were also kept busy as they transported passengers to and from the venue. The car park attendants also had their fair share of earnings as they provided parking spaces for dozens of motorists. However, a few patrons learned the hard way of having their vehicles towed at their own expenses after they disobeyed the ‘no parking’ signs on the Negril Hip Strip.

Earlier in the day, there was a massive turnout at the red- and-white-themed Hennessy Celebrity Playground at Wavz Beach. The food-and-drink inclusive party featured juggling from Chromatic, Jazzy T and Kurt Riley.

Source (Jamaica Observer) – Dance fest at Twisted Spiritz Glow


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