Beach Rave Strikes A Chord With Dreamers

Beach Rave Strikes A Chord With Dreamers

Western Bureau:

Jamaicans had an opportunity to journey to Europe through music on Thursday when Smirnoff Dream Weekend’s newest party Beach Rave registered great success in Negril. Beach Rave gave local and international patrons an interesting twist to entertainment by placing a heavy focus on house music that features a very high tempo, famously used in clubs in Europe. The twist, however, came when selectors fused soca, dancehall and reggae music to give that authentic house music vibe with a Caribbean appeal right on the beach.

From as early as 11 p.m. scores of patrons streamed into the Boardwalk Village venue as they did not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience what this Smirnoff Dream Weekend party had to offer. By 1 a.m. the Beach Rave was in full swing, and getting through the thick crowd proved to be a challenge that had many just settling at one spot for the night to enjoy the musical entertainment.

Beach Rave is one of three new events added to the Dream Weekend party series; the others include Igloo and Miami J’Ouvert. These offered a welcomed addition to the party series, which gave patrons a diverse entertainment package with this year’s extension from a four-day event to six days of partying. Dreamers had a total of 11 party events to choose from.

DJ Scorpio from New York sizzled at the turntables with selections that had the crowd mesmerised throughout his set.

Waving, jumping, and gyrating

From waving anything they could find to jumping and gyrating to every song he played, the disc jockey had the audience right where he wanted them and they did not mind. Jamaica’s own 3rd Dimension team for disc jocks were equally impressive, showing flair and experience in thrilling a crowd hungry for the ultimate party experience. The LIME Blackberry Jazz Lounge and the upper deck VIP Lounge at the Boardwalk Village was a hit amongst patrons who wanted to add an extra touch of luxury to their entertainment. International dancehall icon, Beenie Man was spotted mingling with fans in the VIP area.


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