Appleton Offers Discounts On Dream Season Bands

Appleton Offers Discounts On Dream Season Bands


Members of the Dream team.

The upcoming staging of Appleton Special Dream Weekend will be like no other in many respects as the organisers are set to once again redefine the party experience in Negril with exciting themes, decor, and entertainment. One of the major attractions of the weekend, however, which often goes overlooked, is the massive discount that patrons receive by purchasing the season band.

For 10 premium events, which are all drink-inclusive, and with Daydreams, Celebrity Playground, and Xtreme Wet N’ Wild offering five-star catering, one would expect to pay an average of $4,000 to $5,000 per event. Not so, say the organisers as their attractively priced season armband is currently priced at $26,500. Hence, patrons will only be asked to pay an average of $2,650 per event. For those partygoers familiar with the current local pricing of drink-inclusive events, and moreover for the overseas patrons, to pay US$26 per event is a tremendous deal.

Dream organisers even offered a further discounted season armband on May 1 of J$20,000, which represented a savings of 55 per cent for lucky patrons who were able to purchase those tickets during the one-day sale.

According to Dream CEO Scott Dunn, the pricing allows everyone to have access to the weekend and represents a significant savings for patrons. Dunn continues: “Appleton Special Dream Weekend is the largest event festival in the Caribbean as we have events and attractions that appeal to everyone. We recognise that patrons are increasingly looking for value along with the entertainment factor, and so every year, we ensure that we price our bands to offer our loyal patrons the value they deserve. Patrons are definitely going for the attractively priced armbands as the Appleton Special Dream one-day sale sold out in only a few hours, along with online sales from Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom, which are coming in steadily.”

Line-Up Of Events

The full line-up for the weekend kicks off on Wednesday, August 1, with the Dream Live Concert featuring top-billed dancehall artistes, followed on August 2 by Insomnia Beach, Celebrity Playground, and Twisted Spiritz. Friday, August 3, starts off with the all-white event Daydreams and closes with the ’90s hits event Yush. Saturday hosts the popular Xtreme Wet and Wild event at the water park in the day and World Vibes in the night. Igloo: the global cooler party and Dream J’Ouvert close the festivities on August 9.


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